The article where it all began:


‘I’m Plus Size and I’m an Athlete’

Since beginning her campaign for an increase in relatable fitness and sporting role models for larger people, Leah has had her story covered in publications such as:


In building a reputation as a Body Positive Fitness advocate and founder of Body Positive Athletes, Leah is becoming known as one of the top fitness motivators on social media:


Leah also enjoys being a regular Guest Contributor to Born To Reign Athletics, and Travel.Play. Live Magazine.

Born to Reign Athletics

‘A Mindful Approach to Training’

‘A Mindful Approach to Training Part II’

‘3 Reasons Why Training For You Now Has Never Been More Important’

‘9 Words that will Change Your Mental Game’

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

‘A Step in the Right Direction: The Body Positive Fitness Trainer and Facility Directory’

Leah is available for:

  • Freelance writing contributions
  • Media contributions
  • Plus Size Fitness representation and promotion
  • Motivational Speaking and presentations

For all enquiries, contact

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