Body Positive Fitness Trainer and Facility Directory


The role of the Body Positive Athletes (BPA) concept is to promote the idea that the term ‘athletic’ defines a lifestyle and not a body shape. People who believe themselves to be part of the community as an athlete celebrate a ‘fitness at any size’ belief, and actively work to promote healthy body image and challenge stereotypes of what ‘fit’ looks like. They also actively work to encourage others to pursue their fitness or athletic dreams without a fear of being judged for what they look like doing it.

One of the major long-term goals of Body Positive Athletes is to help a person chase their athletic dreams without a fear of judgement by connecting them with fitness facilities, trainers, sports-specific coaches or local training groups whose professional ethos aligns with that of the BPA community.

There are some amazing trainers, coaches, and community training groups who are already working to help people achieve their athletic goals, and if you or your facility or group would like to be listed, simply email your contact details, location and training specific information (sport/discipline/speciality) to . Please note that in order to be included on the listings, you must have a belief in the Core Principles featured below:

Core Principles of a Body Positive Professional/Community Training Group

1. A recognition of the physical diversity of fitness and athleticism

2. A focus on helping the client achieve fitness and athletic goals and not a focus on weight and weight loss

3. A desire to see healthy body image promoted to younger athletes in order to reduce the incidence of eating disorders and poor body image in our younger generations

4. A preference to discuss our bodies from a functional perspective and not aesthetic

5. A refusal to recommend any extreme dieting or unhealthy eating habits

Until an effective database is constructed, trainers, facilities and groups will feature by location and will be listed in alphabetical order. To find someone in your area, simply look for your region, then see if there is anyone listed yet in your area! If you are looking for a specific trainer/sports coach in your area, please comment below or email and we will put out a call for contacts in your area.




Cessnock – Samantha Hindmarsh, Personal Trainer – E: ; T – 0401829728; Operating out of Genesis Fitness Club Cessnock 265 Vincent St.

~ Specialising in personal training , sports specific training , group fitness and general well being with the life motto of
“She believed she could ,so she did …”

Penrith – Leap Exercise Physiology; – T: (02) 4708 8718

~ Female Exercise Physiologists specialising in injury rehabilitation & training programs. Boot camps specifically tailored to clients with injuries or those wanting to work at their own ability level without the pressure of traditional boot camp environments.


Gold Coast (Upper Coomera) MEE Personal Training and Health Coach – E:

Rachelle Ballard-Clayton, Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Ph: 0403 163201


Diamond CreekTitans Taekwondo, Boxing and Fitness; E:; PH: 0433 620 369

2/24 Elizabeth Street, Diamond Creek

~ Carolyn: I have a background in taekwondo but I love nothing more than taking a boxing or fighting fit class. We like to think that we are an ‘inclusive’ gym not ‘exclusive’. The focus is on personal gains and achievement and making the most of every workout.  I believe anybody can train. So we tweak and change our classes and exercises to cater for all abilities, injuries and fitness level. All you need to train is a positive attitude.

Our fitness classes we offer are boxing, fighting fit, tabata, Rapid Circuit, Full body Strength, pilates and  Hyper DMA (which is a fusion of dance and martial arts – yes I have been known to break out into random dance moves in the middle of a boxing class).

MelbourneBody Positive Health & Fitness – E: ; Follow on Facebook

~ Shelley Lask has a background in boxing and Muay Thai and offers personal or group training with a focus on a ‘health at any size’ and body positive approach. She works with a range of abilities from beginner to advanced and loves to make the workouts as fun as possible. Shelley is passionate about working with people to feel great within their own bodies and to enjoy being active.

Melbourne – Chris Serong, Move and Be Free; E:; Follow on Facebook

~ Mobile/private training and consultations focusing on the development of strength, mobility and body awareness, and combine weightlifting, body-weight exercises, and martial arts training to promote harmonious movement patterns and a well-rounded athleticism. Body Positive trainer and blogger. Visit Move and Be Free for more information about Chris.



Power Up Fitness –

~ Mickey is a female mobile and independent trainer specialising in Kettlebells, powerlifting, Muay Thai, Strength Training and Punk Rope Classes.



Huntington Beach – Surf City Fit Club –  T: 714-696-FIT ; E:;

~ Unconventional fitness, Sport Kettlebell, Powerlifting, KIDS lifting and fitness, Bootcamps, Thai style cardio kickboxing (pad work). Passionate about spreading the Body Positive fitness message and client base ranges from beginners through to advanced clients.

OaklandKelly Rafferty Ph.D – T: 484-557-9953; E:

~ Feminist athlete and fitness coach offering a balanced, personalized blend of strength, yoga, kettlebell, and mindfulness training in classes and one-on-one sessions throughout the East Bay.  Kelly supports the Health at Every Size movement and is particularly skilled at helping clients understand and inhabit their bodies in more empowered ways.

Orange County – Shireen Noroozi, Bombshell Fitness (Facebook); E: 

~ Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor operating mobile services throughout the OC area. Shireen has a passion for introducing women to all forms of strength training including body-weight and pilates-based exercises to weight-lifting. Main speciality is weight-loss/weight-gain and weight-maintenance but with a focus on incorporating a balanced, science-based approach to exercise and nutrition and an education as to the hazards of fad dieting and body-shaming mentalities.

Sacramento – Alexandra F. Williams, Useful Human Coach – T: 530-363-5100; E:

~ Body positive Strength Coach

Sacramento – Wendy Welscher – HIIT Fitness of Sacramento; E:; PH: 916-591-1582

~ Wendy Welsher is a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and a HIIT Master Trainer personal trainer located in Sacramento, CA. Wendy has overcome a past full of unhealthy habits and has turned her life around by becoming a tri-athlete and trainer so that she can help inspire and lead others. She will help you build strength and confidence no matter what your current size or fitness level. She takes a fun and enjoyable approach to body positive fitness and is more than just a coach and instructor, as she’ll be right there to sweat it out with you on your journey to becoming a better you.


Wallingford – Erika Hurst, Hurst Strength; E:

~ Purposeful movement, properly structured training programs, education and empowerment. Hurst Strength offers personal training, strength and conditioning and nutrition coaching. Erika specializes in pre/post partum, injury rehabilitation and has a passion for introducing women to strength training and helping them to focus more on embracing their bodies’ capabilities over it’s appearance, breaking the diet mentality and teaching clients how to enhance their lives with fitness and sustainable nutrition rather than using both as a means to be less.


Chicago – Kru Strength & Fitness – Josha Kruvand; E:; PH: 773-944-1570

5117 N Clark St, Chicago IL 60640

~ Our gym is built by a female pro athlete.  Our training style is very much based on athlete training.  Our image is about strength and not about weight loss or being thin.  In fact we never use any body image imagery in our marketing or promotional material.    We welcome all kinds of clients that are seeking to improve their strength and fitness. You can see more details about our gym and Josha Kruvand on our website.


Camden – Sarah Skovran; T -207-370-7071; E –

~ Group fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition student. Offers group fitness classes and personal training in the comfort of your own home. A focus on functional fitness that is personalised and relevant to the individual client. Also available for long-distance program design and support.


Baltimore – Emily Socolinsky – Fivex3 Training; Follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

~ We are a small strength and conditioning gym. Although we are small, we are mighty. Clients range in age from 24 to 70. They lift heavy things. They EAT. They love themselves and they love what their bodies are capable of doing and learning. Our gym is made up of 70% women, 30% men. We are a gym that encourages people to get strong, no matter. Getting stronger trumps everything else in our world.


Plymouth ShockYard Fitness & Social Club; E:; PH: 508-808-9699

~ FITNESS FOR ALL.  Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, ShockYard is for you! With our functional movement training programs, you will build strength and cardiovascular fitness, improve your health, boost your confidence, and most importantly, have fun! The most successful fitness routine is the one you will stick with for months and years to come.  We provide you with motivation, accountability, and fresh workouts that are suited to your own ability and experience level to keep you coming back. We were also recently featured on Body Positive Fitness Alliance:

St Louis – Kay Lynne Firsching,  E:; PH: 314-740-5807
~ Trainer and swim coach based at the Heights in Richmond Heights specialising in teaching stroke technique and working with general fitness clients.


New York City – Roz ‘The Diva’ May –; @rozthediva

~ Body Positive Advocate, Pole dancing legend (As seen on America’s Got Talent), personal trainer, group fitness classes. Teaches at Body and Pole and Crunch (both NYC).


~ Catharine Myung: E:; Blog:; Follow on Instagram or Twitter

~ Swim and triathlon coach, specializing in beginner triathletes. Coaches with the DC Triathlon Club’s Masters Swim Program and New Triathlete Program.

16 thoughts on “Body Positive Fitness Trainer and Facility Directory

  1. I opened up my facility December 2014.

    I am a mother of two children ages 17 and 11.
    I wanted to create an environment of support and empowerment for women that maybe have tried everything. From big box gyms, personal training, and maybe group x classes.
    I have a 17 year old daughter who is actually my biggest motivator. She will be leaving to Iowa for college soon and will be playing for the women’s soccer team there. I wanted to create a space where women could come together and not even focus on weight loss. I don’t even have a scale in the gym. Teaching them how to use a kettlebell or a sandbag can be very empowering for them. My daughter also takes me classes. She is a confident young lady who has not once stepped on a scale. I have tried to set the example.

    I have about 45 clients and mostly consisting of moms and the men that are here are husbands of the wives that come here too! Which is cool to watch how often the time they get to spend together is here at the gym. Some say it’s their quality time together. This is truly a family business that we care for very much.

  2. IKLF Kettlebell Lifting Instructor – Endurance and BOLT Method – Level I at Colorado Kettlebell Club

  3. Hi, I live in Bozeman Montana – any resources here would be great. I do my own thing biking and xcountry skiing when I can, gym occasionally, but could use a trainer who isn’t into shaming. Body Positive Fitness – for all women.
    Thank you!

  4. There have got to be more facilities and trainers in the Los Angeles area, right? I’m an RD who is seeking to partner with body positive trainers and help counsel clients in nutrition using IE and HAES modalities. If you have any leads or updates soon, please tell! Thanks!

    1. Hi there Sarah, apologies for the delay! I imagine there would be by now, if you check out the Body Positive Fitness group on Facebook this is a more US-based group, hopefully you will find loads!

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