Introducing The Joyful Movement Project


I know. I seem to be leading into everything I post and write these days with “so I know I’ve been quiet but…” BUT here’s the thing – I’ve loved being quiet. I’ve loved savouring my training sessions and adventures for myself and being selfish in the amount of presence and mindfulness I invested in my life moments. Alas, I have still be relatively busy. I have been meditating more and working to keep my ever-active brain quieter and more focused, so that my next move with Body Positive Athletes can be a ripper – and here it is, introducing The Joyful Movement Project.


I basically have one goal with this project, and that is to see people explore all different types of movement in a bid to discover what things they find joy in and the freedom to pursue these adventures for life.

Personally speaking, I can’t count the amount of my lifetime I have spent doing physical activity that I hated because I felt I needed to ‘fix’ my body. I was never autonomous with the forms of movement or activity I engaged in because I was stuck in this box of ‘what I should do’ for a body like mine. So I never stuck with anything – until I tore up the old fitness Rulebook I had allowed to be prescribed to me and went on my own epic quest to pursue forms of movement that I enjoyed. Fast forward five years and I am still going strong.

Movement out of obligation or punishment, or to seek acceptance may be a really foreign concept to some people, but this is quite often the situation when your body doesn’t fit the mould prescribed by society. There is the very general assumption that you can only really celebrate and enjoy movement if you are reaping physical results from it in the way of body transformation or weight loss, and when neither of those occur, then you’re not doing it right. The freedom of simply exploring movement in a manner relative to who we are as individuals has been a privilege reserved for those whose body types fit the desired mould. Until now.

For a number of years now we have been leading the charge to change the relationships we have with movement, fitness and physical activity. People are tearing up their fitness Rulebooks and they are heading off on adventures and exploring all of the different things that they enjoy doing, and doing them often. As we have seen in our previous research, this approach to movement works. People have managed to sustain active lifestyles simply because they found things they enjoy. Activities that challenged them, taught them more about themselves, improved their mental health, and above all, made them smile. It’s the proverbial ‘power of doing.’

But then we endure another silly season of body transformation challenges, detoxes and the traditional barrage of ‘you’re a shit person because you don’t look like this’ marketing. Its easy to try and counter this crap with other material, but I instinctively felt like I needed to respect everyone’s need for quiet, and drop the project now, at a time where I feel we all need to access some joyful moments into our lives and to take really good care of our bodies, minds, and souls.

So please feel free to pop on over to The Joyful Movement Project, take a little look around and feel free to sign up for the FREE activities and lets all tear up our fitness Rulebooks and re-establish our relationships with movement in a way that sees us moving for life.


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