Unleash your Inner Warrior

The time has come to UNLEASH HER.

You know she’s there. We know she’s there. We all have one, and when we let her reign, life as we know it changes. We become strong, fearless, and powerful.


Now is the time.

Born to Reign Athletics and Body Positive Athletes are excited to offer the opportunity for two athletes to unleash their inner warrior with the ultimate Spartan prize pack. image

One lucky Canadian and one US athlete will gain free entry (excluding insurance) to a Reebok Spartan race of their choice, and vouchers for Katie K Activewear and sports bra from Sportsbras.Ca.

Got a Spartan race on your ‘bucket list’, or is it something you have always silently dreamed of doing but have not been confident to make a reality? Now is the time. Take the plunge. Enter this competition and don’t look back.


As you may have seen by the imagery, Reebok Spartan events attract a diverse range of physical fitness backgrounds and people of all shapes and sizes. The only thing each person has in common is a desire to work hard,conquer the course and help each other along the way. Any person who has competed a Spartan event will tell you that whilst it was challenging, it was fun, exhilerating and a great way to bond with friends. What they will also tell you is the amazing sense of achievement they felt after completing the event.

Training for an event like a Spartan race can potentially be as fun and rewarding as the event itself. Body weight strength exercises, obstacle practice and cardio work will help prepare your body and your mind for this challenge. Why not do it with friends?

Perhaps the greatest appeal of an event like this to me is that it not only unleashes your inner warrior, but your inner child at the same time. Climbing fences, crawling through the mud – adventure challenges such as this allow us to revisit some of the things we used to love doing as children – or always wanted to do as child.

So go on – enter the competition at http://www.borntoreignathletics.com and allow yourself the honour of getting in touch with that inner warrior of yours. Don’t be apprehensive about whether you can do it – she already knows you can.

4 thoughts on “Unleash your Inner Warrior

  1. Leah I love your message> I found your picture when scouting the internet for healthy normal looking women to use in my program. As a nutritionist and chef I am appalled at the messages the media put out there. To get a photo of a average women I had to search fit plus size women. If I put fit women all I got was perfectly sculpture creature who look nothing like many of my clients. So Just wanted to say thank you, for being average and proud. Love you fit looking body. You have become the poster girl for many of my ladies. xx

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