#IWD: Celebrating Lyndi Polivnick, ‘The Nude Nutritionist.’

Personally, my poor relationship with food started when I was very young. Like many women, throughout my life food for me was either one of two extremes: overindulgence or complete restriction. Since working in the health and fitness arena I have seen first-hand the damage that has been done by the diet industry on women – it truly saddens me to see the long-term effects of a toxic relationship with food and ultimately ourselves.

I find it not only very promising but extremely refreshing to see many dieticians and nutritionists taking a ‘health at any size’ approach to their practice – and none more so than the first woman in our International Women’s Day series, Lyndi Polivnick.

Lyndi Polivnick - The nude nutritionist

Lyndi, aka ‘The Nude Nutritionist’, is a Dietician (APD) and Nutritionist based in Sydney. I came across Lyndi’s work some time ago when she featured in the press for her work as an Australian Ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Since then I have been a fan of her approach to food and nutrition, particularly when it comes to the danger of fad dieting and the need for a ‘back to basics’ approach to food. I also love the fact that for someone featured so heavily in the media, Lyndi has a strict NO PHOTOSHOP policy when it comes to the use of her images. She also only collaborates with brands, companies and publications who share her ‘back to basics’ approach to food.

It was only recently on a post Lyndi shared on Instagram (@nude_nutritionist) that gave some personal insight into why a common sense, ‘health at any size’ approach to food is so important to her. Lyndi has kindly shared her personal story with us:

Lyndi Polivnick - The Nude Nutritionist-2

A rocky relationship with food led me to become a dietitian and nutritionist.

After more than a decade struggling with my weight and hating my body, I had developed a serious eating disorder (Binge Eating Disorder) and was desperately unhappy. My relationship with food was toxic and affecting my entire life. Until one day, decided that being healthy was more important to me than being skinny. I gave up on diets and began focusing on my health – rather than the number on the scales. I swapped starvation and deprivation for nourishment and made peace with my body. 

Today, I no longer starve or restrict what I eat in order to lose weight. Instead, I eat food to nourish my body and exercise for enjoyment – and not to punish myself for being fat. What has been most surprising is that by shifting my focus away from weight loss and towards health, I have lost 20kg very naturally by simply listening to my body and eating for nourishment. 

Since learning to how to feed my body, I became a nutritionist and dietitian and have made it my mission to help others (like me) who feel let down by diets and want to make peace with their body, food and health. I believe that you can create a body you love without starving yourself and going to extreme measures.

Follow Lyndi on Instagram @nude_nutritionist or on Twitter @LyndiPolivnick

Tomorrow for day two of our #IWD series we will feature the story behind one of the World’s most established and prominent Plus Size Fitness campaigners, Krista Henderson, from Born to Reign Athletics.

One thought on “#IWD: Celebrating Lyndi Polivnick, ‘The Nude Nutritionist.’

  1. Having a dietician who understands the principles of intuitive eating and supports health at every size has been crucial to my own recovery from an eating disorder. Sadly, many dietitians are on the “make money” bandwagon and promote fad dieting and restriction to keep up with the mainstream. Two thumbs up to Lyndi for having the courage to go the other way. I hope others follow suit! Love this series, Leah!

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