Welcome to Body Positive Athletes


Welcome to Body Positive Athletes, a community of athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness facilitators who believe that the term ‘athletic’ defines a lifestyle and not a body type. Founded by Leah Gilbert, the aim of Body Positive Athletes is not only to encourage people of all shapes and sizes to pursue their fitness and athletic dreams without fear of being judged, but to advocate a greater emphasis on positive body image in sport.

The Body Positive Athletes community are guided by a set of general principles, with specific principles applying to trainers, coaches, and those involved in sporting/fitness administration.

The long term vision for Body Positive Athletes is a platform by which like minded people can communicate with one another, and those looking to enter the sporting or fitness communities can have a guide of available Body Positive facilitators in their local area.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Body Positive Athletes

    1. Excited to travel with you on this journey.. The word diet and excercise sound un reachable..But body positive, is a positive reachable goal.

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